I Do Believe In Fairies I Do I Do

February 11 2011

God is pleased when we are in His will. He rejoices when we do what He wants. But He does not need our permission and our devotion to do something. Unlike Tinkerbell, he does not need us to believe in Him for him to work “magic.” His believe-o-meter does not measure how much power he has. He can move mountains without us lowly humans getting in the way. But God is a jealous God. He delights in us. How crazy is that? That the God of this universe takes delight in what I do. In what I say. In how I treat those around me.
The “bar girls” are tricked into the hope of having a fresh life. A new start. The reality is that they don’t know the difference. Their life is normal. I have felt many emotions towards them but last friday I felt a new one. Frustration. Annoyance. At the girls. I hadn’t felt this before. Due to Buddha Day all of the bars on our street were closed. We knew this before going out that night so we thought that it would be cool to see and would maybe lighten everything. Instead it felt darker. Like a bad horror movie where everything is dark and deserted and we were the crazy, dumb girls who decided to walk through it. One their day off, the girls chose to be working on the street. Some of them fought for the men’s attention. I just wanted to scream. I have felt anger toward the men before but never towards the girls. Usually just sadness. But even as they seemed like they wanted the attention from the men I could see their emptiness. The smiles didn't quite reach their eyes. Their words weren’t quite sincere. I know that God loves these children of his and he can give me the compassion that I need to continue to minister to them.
Keep praying!

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