Jesus Loves the Little Children

Since Monday, we have been up in the northern most part of Thailand, Mae Sai, working with the Drop-In Center (DIC). The DIC is about 2 kilometers(if that) from the Thai/Burmese border and it is a place for Burmese kids to come and hang out from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon where they can play games, learn about Jesus, learn Thai and English, get a good meal, and just be a kid. Whenever we woke up on Tuesday morning, we were not prepared for the 30+ that were waiting for us to come play with them and just love on them. The entire week was filled with games, songs, crafts, bible stories, and LOTS of kids. These kids, they are so beautiful, they are so full of smiles despite their home situations which, in some instances, are non-existent. Most of these kids beg on the streets of Thailand to get money and food for their families, some of them collect trash at night for money, some sleep on the streets because they weren’t able to cross the border back into Burma. Despite all of these hardships, they are some of the most joyful kids that I have ever come across. I can’t even explain to you how much they have touched my life; I seriously would bring every single one of them home with me if I could. The DIC is not only a safe haven for kids; it also welcomes adults, parents, and entire families. The center also sponsors kids to go to school, for just 12 USD a month, the kids are able to go to school and that includes their uniforms. For just $12 a month, kids who are otherwise unable to get an education, are able to go to school and hope for a better life besides begging on the street. You see, in Thailand, there is no such thing as public school, if you want to be educated; you have to pay for it.

I am asking you to pray for the Drop-In Center right now and for the kids and the people of Burma. Not many people take notice of all that is happening over there, but they need your help and your prayers. Especially after the earthquake on Thursday, there are a lot of people without food or water, they are a country in desperate need of love and of prayer. Please please please keep them all in your thoughts and pray that more people would become aware of the growing need for help in Burma and take action.

I love you all so very much, and I’m excited to get started on our new ministry in Cambodia this next week!

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