Kids Are Just Sometimes Easier

Last night we got the privilege of helping out with the children’s ministry out back. The joy and bright smiles these kids have pour onto my life and I can’t help but smile. Kids just have such a way of connecting with you. You don’t have to know their language or even know them but they except you anyway. No reservations. I love kids!

    These last few days have just been a time of team bonding and getting to know each other. Its crazy that we’ve only been together for a week and a half. A trip like this has such a way of forcing people to get to know each other fast. An accelerated friendship. And I like it. 🙂

    I realized that bartering is just not my thing. I’m just so used to paying whatever their price is. I feel like maybe I offend them by asking for a lower price. I think from now on I’ll just allow one of my  teammates do the haggling.
Love you all and I am so excited to see what God will do once we start ministry.


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