New Faces, New Places, Faith & the Unexpected

Wow! Training camp is amazing! Not at all what I was expecting but that's the best type right? God moves in the most ridiculous ways. Most of you may know but for those of you who don't I came to training with out all my support in. It came trickiling in little by little since I got here until I was down to $1,000. my team is awesome and have been 100% behind me, praying for me and contacting thier supporters also. Then this morning while sitting at breakfast my team mate looked across the table and said "you have all your money!" (smiling from ear to ear) I freaked! I was in complete shock! God has a crazy way of providing. At the begining of the summer I started asking God to increase my faith, but nothing seemed to happen. After signing up for this trip I had a feeling this was how God was planning on increasing my faith. He really has a sense of humor waiting till the day before I fly out to Thailand right?!?!

Training camp was not at all what I expected, I came here expecting to do alot of group activities like team building excersices, obstical courses, Bible studies, and language/culture studies. I definately didn't expect people other then out team here. Turns out there's six different teams launching tomorrow (us included). Teams going to the Philipiens, Uganda, Kenya, Expadition (going to multiple countries), and Guatamala. So awesome! Turns out were all getting trained together. Learning about our countries but more importantly learning more about God and grounding us deep in Him. Stregthening our prayer life, letting go of things that will hold us back or down while on the field. Soo Good! God is doing an amazing work! 

The people here are so awesome! I wish everyone were going with us but God definately hand picked out my team. (I feel like just for me lol) but for real He has blessed us with great teammates and an awesome leader! Can't wait to see what God has in store for us in Thailand. I appreciate your prayers. Two whole days of traveling! Here We Come!! :D!

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