following His leading (with photos)

Probably the biggest thing that training camp has taught me is that God has SPECIFICALLY placed me on this Thailand team to go out and be a vessel that He will work through.  HE has filled me up with an amazing confidence in knowing that HE will sustain me and nothing else can.

I came into training camp not really knowing what to expect.  I thought that I would get a culture briefing and get supercharged in my faith, but I definitely didn’t expect to be sleeping in a hand made tent smiley.  All of those things happened, but not quite in the ways I had expected.

My eyes and ears have been opened to seeing and hearing the many ways that God has equipped me to go out and share His love in Thailand.  I have been blessed with 5 awesome sisters and a fearless leader.  I have grown so close with these women in such a short amount of time and I am excited to see our bond grow even more.  It is amazing how there are immediate connections within the body of Christ.
God has been using these ladies to fill me up and speak life into me in indescribable ways.  My teammates have continually encouraged me and some ladies from other teams have really built me up as well. 
Aside from the incredible peace that God has blessed me with this week, the most amazing event of training camp happened last night.  We all just quieted ourselves and asked God to come and speak through us to each other.  It was amazing how He would give one teammate the EXACT words that another needed. 
Through listening to God and hearing from Him, a teammate spoke some amazing words to me.  She told me that she thought God was telling her that I have the gift of speaking and that God was going to do powerful things through this gift that He has given me.  This was AMAZING to hear because my mom spoke this over me not too long ago after some speaking that I did.  It was so cool to see God confirming this in my life! 
I am now very excited to pray about this and ask God how He wants this to look in my life.  I invite you to join with me in praying that God would continue to reveal how He wants to use this gift of speaking in my future.


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