Partner in Prayer

We have arrived in Phuket! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, you'd be happy to know that we are all safe with possession of all of our bags:)

It has definitely been an intense couple of days- but not in the way i expected.

I would have thought that the spiritually difficulty in this trip would come from meeting girls that had not heard of Jesus's love for them…that comprehended their self-worth based on what society has told them. More and more, I realize how easy it is to determine self-worth by earthly standards. My team of 3 (me, Audrey, and Kelly Harry, who will be sticking together when talking to the bar girls in Patong) have talked about this a lot. God has never said that one physical "look" or ability or deed is BETTER than another. Comparison is completely from the world…and these girls are living in it (just as we do). 

Though Spiritual difficulty will certainly be very present when we actually do meet these girls, so far the trials have come in different forms. Personally, nightmares have been a major difficulty–nightmares where the devil is very at-work. Please be praying for me in this way, and for other members of the team that have had this same problem. I know that Satan doesn't like our growth in the Lord and hates the fact that we are willing to let the Holy Spirit move in us (and pour OUT of us) to show JESUS's love. Satan is scared. Please pray that WE won't be scared- that the Holy Spirit will be flowing through us in a way that there is absolutely NO ROOM for any demon. Please pray for our protection from these things.

I know that God is about to do crazy things. He ALWAYS does crazy things! As we walked through Patong in daylight yesterday, we could see the clash God's wonder and man's sinful choice. Alongside the beautiful beach, with music playing, and art displayed, I could see that God is there! God is everywhere. He is the light that makes darkness vanish. Because He is there, it isn't a dark place. Though God is there, there is still quite a bit of sin on that street with around TWO HUNDRED bars in a small area, and over ONE THOUSAND bar girls that find their employment in selling their bodies.

Please be praying that these girls' hearts and minds would be prepared and that our team would continually recognize God's presence (in Thailand waterfalls, in our dreams, in EVERY place)

Love you!!

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