PLEASE READ! And PRAY please!!!

We just got home from Bangla Road and tonight something amazing happened with my friend i wrote about last, Am! I went to see her and she was telling me how much she hated her job… which she hasnt told me ever.
When she told me about her job I begged her to just leave with me right then and there but she said she had to finish her night. I promised her a job tomorrow! i said AM if you leave i promise you i can give you a job tomorrow!

In the end we decided that tomorrow at 11 a.m. I am going to pick her up in Patong to come back to S.H.E. to talk about having a new job here.

Right now she is at work and and its night but at home in the U.S. its day time so please could all of you pray for my 19 year old friend. Please pray that she is guarded tonight as she works, that satan cannot get to her. Please pray that she wakes up in the morning. Please pray that S.H.E. has the perfect words to say to her that make her want to leave. PLEASE PLEASE pray for my friend!

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