Sister in Christ


 When I was about 2 or 3 three years old my mom had a miscarriage. Later we found out that it was a baby girl. Often i wonder what it would have been like to have a younger sister. Sharing things, going to the same school, possibly even looking alike. Things would have been very different growing up. My life would not be the same.

      I don’t even really remember meeting Som. I just remember getting a huge hug and her telling me she thought i was beautiful. I loved walking through the door and her shouting “Pi Elizabeth, I’ve missed you!” At 13 i remember being really awkward, but not Som. She wasn’t afraid to show personality and would play with anyone willing to join her. I loved being around her. The silly facial expressions and crazy spurts of energy never got old. Although we couldn’t speak each others language, we were able to communicate. I know that just the time we spent together meant a lot to the both of us. 


     When it came for my teams girls to switch houses, i missed seeing her everyday day. Kali said she would ask about me and how i was doing. Ever time i saw her i made sure she knew i missed staying with her, but it was good for her to get to know the other girls on my team. 

     On our last Sunday our team got the opportunity to lead the church service. After singing a few worship songs, and some brief word, our team performed the “everything skit”. After it was over you could tell it took a big impact on many of the girls there. As we finished up, i looked around for Som to ask her what she thought. I found her with her  face buried by her hands and tears falling on her skirt. I immediently knew why she was crying. So i grabbed her hand and took her to the upstairs balcony. As we sat down, i handed her the journal i had bought for her a few days prior. I told her that i wanted her to write me and that in that book she was to write down all that God showed her. We hugged and then joined everyone back down stairs. Later that evening the house fed us a good bye meal. Then we went outside to light the ceremonial fair well hot air balloon. After we finished saying our good byes the team hopped in the truck. Right before we started to back up Som ran up and grabbed my arm. She looked at me and told me she loved me and was going to miss me very much. I grabbed her face and told her i loved her and she would always be very close to my heart. Then we left.

   I may not ever see her again, who knows what could happen. But no matter what happens or how things turn out, i know that God blessed me with a sister. 

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