You know you’re a missionary in Thailand when…

You know you're a missionary in Thailand when…

  1. A Gecko poops on your pillow.
  2. There is no air conditioning, just fans.
  3. There are wild dogs everywhere.
  4. You cannot flush your toilet paper…
  5. You can’t count how many bug bites you have.
  6. Nothing is ‘yours’, everyone shares everything.
  7. You have to have a converter to plug stuff in.
  8. You can’t read any road signs.
  9. There are so many insides jokes, and can’t even think to name them all.
  10. 7-Eleven becomes your best friend.
  11. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches are your ‘American’ comfort food, even if you didn’t eat them there.
  12. You’re sitting on the bus and the woman sitting across from you is breastfeeding her three year old child.
  13. You have to sweep your room, and clean the bathrooms every day, because no matter what, it’s always dirty.
  14. After the first shock, cold showers are awesome.
  15. Ants get into everything, so you eat them daily.
  16. Even when you put on sunscreen, you still manage to get 3rd degree burns.
  17. Hair in the drains is normal…
  18. You meet new people every day.
  19. You know who ‘tea man’ is.
  20. You eat rice with every meal.
  21. You ask for everything to be mai pet/ not spicy.
  22. You know who ‘chicken man’ is.
  23. You justify every purchase because its 32 baht here, but only a dollar in the states.
  24. Shoes become a foreign thing.
  25. You know how to build a house out of dirt bags.
  26. No matter how many ways you say you live on Bangwad Road, they never understand what you are saying.
  27. Feedback happens every night.
  28. The three days of traveling there was worth it.
  29. The girls you live with become family.
  30. Four months no longer seems like enough time.
  31. You learn to trust people on a whole new level.
  32. You grow closer and closer to the Lord every day.
  33. You have talked to so many prostitutes; your heart is completely broken for them.
  34. These prostitutes have become some of your best friends, despite the language barrier.
  35. You have a new perspective on life.
  36. By the grace of God, you learn to love yourself, and everyone around you.
  37. Rain is a good thing.
  38. You get over fears.
  39. You have grown so much, you can’t remember who you used to be, or how to be that person, or even want to be that person.
  40. God has broken you, and built you back up in his image.

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