Reality vs. The American Dream

Have you ever noticed that most Americans are not flexible? Stuck living a life with no room to change, no room to step outside their daily routine. To live a life set by schedules and time frames is like purposely putting yourself in jail. Why would anyone want to bind their lives by the constant effort in pleasing a society so stuck in their ways?

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
That’s why we as believers are set apart from the world and what it wants to steal from our lives. Yeah, have you ever realized that? The world steals from us every day. It steals a sense of freedom and happiness we can receive from believing God has it under control, and we don’t have too.
Society tells us we have to be financially stable to be successful. It tells us the “American Dream” is your ultimate goal and you can’t be happy without a white picket fence and a dog named Spike.
But since when did life become such a chore? The act of working your butt off till you’re completely exhausted and only have material possessions to show for it. That doesn’t sound fulfilling. God wants to bless us above all else. He wants to bless us with opportunities to share the gospel and be the salt and light of the world. 
I don’t want to ever get to the point in my life where I feel like I’ve hit the end. I mean, what happens after you get the job, the spouse and the house? I don’t want to ever stop trying to reach a better me. There will always be potential to be more Christ-like and another door to walk in. 
I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you don’t have to follow the “norm” of society to be happy with your life. Personally, I went against the standards of society and its been the best decision of my life. Instead of going to college right after high school like I was “supposed” to, I followed what God wanted me to do. And nothing is more fulfilling than that!

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