My Mommy

            I used to be so embarrassed by my mom. Whenever I would have friends over, it felt like she always asked them a million questions. I always felt lucky when she didn’t decide to ask the if they wanted prayer because I thought that was always extremely awkward. The worst part though was when me and my friends would be watching a movie in my room and we could hear her playing worship music on her guitar. I used to get so embarrassed. But what I really didn’t understand was why she always had so much on her plate. You could always find her working or doing a project and volunteering with outreaches or church. It was exhausting to watch. Sometimes she would even get under my skin when she prayed for me. She would insist on praying right before i left for school and work, for some reason it just really annoyed me. My mom was into everything. Where i was, what i was doing, who i was with. It would bother me so much… But i had it all wrong.

          Ar Nah is about 7yrs old and lives on the boarder of Burma and Thailand. When he’s not begging for money from tourist he’s playing jacks with rocks he’s found on the street. And although he wears rags for clothes and hardly ever has shoes on, he is always greatful for Flourence. Flourence runs the Drop-In Center on the boarder. On a daily basis she provides children with clean clothes, clean drinking water and a nice meal. She’s a mother to many children on the boarder, and a beautiful person inside and out. But because most mothers on the boarder would rather see money in their kids hands then smiles on their faces, they appreciate everything Flourence does for them. She is more than an angel to all that come to thecenter.

           A word i don’t use very often, but am quickly learning the meaning too.

My mother is the most amazing woman in my life. If it wasn’t for her concern, love, discipline, and encouragement, i would not be the woman i am today. She made the effort as a single parent to continually bring glory to the Lord. No matter what she does , she delights herself in her Father. My mom has pushed me spiritually in ways that has brought me to a new place in my walk with the Lord. Not only did those “annoying” prayers keep me safe and protected, but they opened my eyes to a daily prayer life. My mom cared, so she asked questions, and my mom helps because she walks in each door thats opened to her. My mom is the greatest woman i know.
         I hope that everyone comes to the point in their life where they appreciate the parents they were blessed with. It doesn’t matter if they’ve screwed up, we’re all human. Look at Ar Nah, he was thankful for the one woman that showed him love. Be greatful for what you have that someone may not. 
         Lord, i thank you for the mother you have blessed me with. Now bless her because she blessed me. 🙂

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