Remember Nhu ::VIDEO::

I love these girls.  Right now I am living in a children’s home called Remember Nhu.  These girls are fabulous. 

am literally living with them.  I sleep in this huge room full of bunk
beds. I know you will be shocked to discover that it is loud and
rambunctious at times.  

The girls tend to congregate around my bed at night.  We just talk and goof around. 

I know…Amanda goofing around seems so unnatural. 

I joke about how they are always around my bed, but I love them and the
time we get together at night to just hang out. 

One night I just took out my computer and recorded the scene. 

This is my life, folks. Be jealous 🙂 

We are in Phuket now….Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to start ministry tomorrow!!

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