Underdogs Overcome

I love movies where the unlikelies win.
The Sandlot anyone?
Cool Runnings. Lord of the Rings. Braveheart. And a million more.
We all love these stories because we can relate.
Example A: This broken and way-imperfect girl literally going to the other side of the world to fight deeply rooted injustices.
Example B: Only 1% of Thailand knows the saving grace of Jesus. 99% don’t.
I am the underdog here. Thai Christians are the underdogs here.
A good friend that is doing the Mission Training School here reminded me of Gideon in the Bible—in Judges 6-7.
She did some calculations and realized that his army ended up with about 1% of its original number.
That’s just our odds here in Thailand.
When I think about all the ministry we did over the last 4 months and how much more work there is to do…how many girls need to hear “I believe that you are important because Jesus loves you very much” in their native tongue, I start to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.
But then I remember that Gideon won the battle. 300 beat several hundred thousand. It was because God was on his side. It was in God’s strength that they were overcomers.
Because of Jesus—I have hope. These pieces of shattered glass are being transformed into a beautiful mosaic of his mercy. These threads of a person are being woven into a tapestry of his tenderness.

Against all odds, though hope seems lost, and the mountains look too steep, the ‘underdogs’ will overcome by the power of Jesus.
And Jesus seemed like the underdog too when he was killed on the cross. But a few days later he proved that the impossible was possible by the power of God when he defeated death and rose from the grave.
The women caught in the trap of prostitution, those enslaved in the sex trade, the men who restlessly wander and exploit in their emptiness, the Buddhists who stake their lives on luck and appeasing statues of stone, the atheist who has been burned so. many. times.
Will see a great Light. Will find freedom. Will know real love. Will experience a relationship with their Creator. Will overcome.
Because God loves to embrace broken things and make them beautiful.
I can think of no better way to spend my life, then sharing this truth with the world.
Would you join us?

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