Speak to Me…

        My Training Camp has been one of the greatest things that I have ever been involved in. I can honestly say that it has completely changed my life. It’s been an amazing way to get to know my team mates and build community between us and learn more about the Lord together. I have learned so much about myself and the adventures I will soon be having. Not to mention we’ve been dancing our butts off!

        Spiritually, training camp has taught me that I have a voice and the Lord will use it to minister to the people of Thailand.  And that everyone hears the voice of God differently and that He won’t always speak to you in the same way every time. My personal relationship with the Lord has also gotten much stronger by being separated from certain distractions that I would have back at home. Even though it’s been challenging to be away it really has been the perfect environment for me to be in to prepare for Thailand.

        If I had to give any advice to anyone thinking about going to AIM training camp be prepared to change and have an open heart because the Lord will want to speak to you, the question is will you be listening? O! And don’t ever forget the BUG SPRAY!

        Before coming to training camp I was terrified of not knowing what was going to happen these next few months, but the Lord has shown me through others that He knows ALL my fears and that HE is with me every step of the way and through every change that may come. But change is good and I know that when I return home I will be a completely different person.

        Pray for Me and all my WONDERFUL team mates as we head out for Phuket, Thailand in the next day or so! Pray that we will be a light in the dark places! And chains will be broken off of the men and women that we will come in contact with!

        Team Thailand IS…..: Kelly S, Kelly H, Sarah A., Sarah P., Sarah H., Sarah S, Rachel L., Rachel S., Audrey, Andrea, Paige, Kelsey, Chelsea, Janie, Bre, Jenna, Denise, Kirsten, Elvira, Amy, Mary, and Myself! With two amazing leaders Janna and Katie!

        We have made it to Bangkok safely and we're all well.

Thanks for all the prayers thus far and Keep them coming! 🙂
Love and Miss you all,

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