Tap That!

Look at the godless nations and watch, and be utterly amazed. Look long and hard. Brace yourselves for a shock. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. Habakkuk 1:5

We are walking down the streets of Chaing Mai. I see a woman glance up from doing her laundry in a bucket of murky water with her baby strapped to her back. I see a man paying for his lunch from the street market, in a hurry to continue along his way. I see an intricate gold temple glistening in the sun where many are going into worship and pray to Buddha. I smell the sweet spice in the air as it lofts from the nearby restaurant. I pass by a girl, not much older than I am. A smile plays across her lips as she sees me. My gaze lifts to her eyes and I look intently.

She is so alone.
She is hopeless.
She wants more.

These people are broken. They are empty. They are hurting. They are worshiping anything and everything EXCEPT for the One True Living God. Lies and deceit linger everywhere. It hangs in the air, waiting to rest on anyone who will listen. They are captivated by the things on this earth. And what can I do? How can I even begin to help bring freedom here?

God has been revealing to me more and more about my spiritual gifts, and teaching me how to walk in them confidently and freely. I have just started to tap into what I believe He is calling me into. I have never thought of myself as someone who hears from God on a daily basis, let alone as someone who has the ability to hear from God and SPEAK that truth into existence in other’s lives. Truth is, I hadn’t been quiet long enough to pay attention to what God was saying to me. When it comes down to it, the Holy Spirit wants to move in me in greater ways than I could ever imagine. Who wouldn’t want that?!

I was afraid to start walking in this because it meant I had to trust that God WILL speak to me and through me. It’s not enough to HOPE that He will anymore. I had always shyed away from it because I had to trust in something bigger than myself, and that was uncomfortable.

But now, I get to fall on my knees interceding and living in reckless abandonment to the One who CHOSE me to bring KINGDOM HERE. I get to stand in between my team and Jesus, in between the women of Thailand and the throne of God, and live life fully ALIVE in the Spirit, listening, obeying, and responding to what He tells me. I have the authority in Jesus Christ to claim victory and truth over these people. I have the power through him to declare that they are daughters of the most High King. I have the authority to tell the enemy to get the hell away from His precious BELOVED children.

I hear their groans. I feel their pain. I know her hopelessness. I understand her defeat. I’ve walked in the darkness. And I am called to intercede on their behalf because God has placed me there. Pray with me — pray for these people, these women in bondage, these lonely men, this lost and seeking country.


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