Training Camp is Too Stinkin Long

So training camp… Ah. Where to start?
Saturday: We got surprised with a “Here’s 4 tarps and 4 ropes. Build a shelter for the 27 people in your group. This is where you will be sleeping tonight…” Haha. Talk about bonding.
We had like a mansion tent and it was pretty awesome. It was absolutely freezing and we were told we could only bring 3 items. Let’s just say we all woke up angry and cold.
Sunday Night: Worship is incredible here. It’s amazing to see how the Lord works when you get together 200 people who have given everything to God for the next 2 months. When there is intimate worship you must expect healing. The Holy Spirit completely took over worship and showed up like it’s nobody’s business. It’s amazing to see the way people react to the Holy Spirit. God has showed me so much about myself already and I’m still in Georgia. Now please, just get us to Thailand!
We also were told to paint a canvas about the location that we are going. We were supposed to make it about our trip and why we’re going and what we picture when we see God show up in Thailand. So here it is:
(It says “freedom” in Thai)


And of course, you have to share fun facts about camp.
 The food is… good. But the cookies are delicious.
 Everybody here owns a pair of sandals. You’re an outcast if you don’t. Haha.
 I am constantly trying to make my journal interesting.
I am so excited to be in Thailand I’m starting to lose my mind; actually we all are. I have made so many new friends and I’m so happy with the team I have been put on!
Now to start the beginning of our 3-4 day travel. Here’s a rundown:

  • Arrive at the airport
  • Wait around for 8 hours
  • Take an hour and a half flight
  • Take a 12 hour flight
  • Suffer a 10 hour layover
  • Take an 11 hour flight
  • Arrive in Bangkok
  • Wait around for 8 hours
  • Take a 12 hour drive to Phuket where we will be staying.
  • Arrive Friday morning

There are definitely travel pictures to follow (:
Sydney Hilderbrand

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