The Power of Healing Hands

Jesus heals a Blind Man Approaching Jericho of Judea Luke 18:35-43
Jesus heals a Samaritan Leper Between Samaria and Galilee Luke 17:15-19
Jesus heals Lazarus at Bethany Near Jerusalem John 11:19-28; John 11:39-44
Jesus heals a Roman Centurion for Paralyzed Servant at Capernaum Matthew 8:5-13
Jesus heals 8 Individuals in Judea, 2 Individuals between Samaria and Galilee, 21 Individuals in Galilee — "The people that walked in darkness have seen a Great light" Isaiah 9:1-2, 6-7
And the list goes on and on….
Through Him, we also have the power to heal.
We read about these healings in the bible but do we believe that healings can happen today? Do we believe or see them even when they are right in front of our face? Or do we speculate them?
In one day I experienced not one but two accounts of healings.
During worship on Thursday, I experienced this awful pain going through the side of my nostril. Every time I would bite down or move a muscle in my face I would feel this stinging discomfort. It disturbed me the whole time during worship. Afterwards, my team prayed for us that were going out to Bangla Road and I asked them to pray for my nose as well. I am not one to pray for such things, I just deal with it because I don’t think they are that serious, but the pain was just unbearable. After the prayer I bit down to see if the pain was there and it wasn’t. It had completely vanished! It was gone and healed and even now, four days later, writing this, I haven’t felt the pain since. I was so shocked and kept telling my team that it went away. Autumn said, “Well of course it went away, we prayed for you and by Jesus you are healed!”
The whole way to Patong, I was just in awe and kept thanking and praising God for taking the pain away. On Bangla Road, I met up with a friend that works as a Ping Pong promoter. I haven’t seen her in a week so I gave her a hug and asked her how she’s been. She said that she got into an accident. She fell off a ladder and hurt her back and it was pretty serious. She wasn’t able to walk or stand up for days. She said she missed too many days of work, so she took some tablets and came back. Then she bent down on the ground but as she tried to get back up, I could tell she was  struggling. Instantly I thought to pray for her — to pray for her healing. And honestly, before experiencing healing in my nose that night, I had never had much faith in these things. But, I believed that night. I felt God healing me and I wanted that for my friend. So while she was telling Gloriel and Jalin about her accident, I put my hand on the lower part of her back and began to pray. I prayed with authority that her back would be healed. I felt my hands get a little warm as I prayed but I continued to do so. I focused on the words and put my faith in action. I looked at her and smiled as she was talking. When she finished, Gloriel asked if we could pray for her and with boldness I said, “don’t worry about it, its been done.”

I had faith and I knew my God healed her.

I asked her to bend down one more time and she did. When her body came up with ease she looked at me with such a confused look. Then she started stretching from side to side and screamed for joy. She jumped and hugged me. She was saying that I gave her luck. I told her no, “I prayed to my God Jesus and He healed you.” She was so shocked and told her husband, who was a few feet away from her what had happened. He smiled and gave me thumbs up. She hugged me again and thanked me for the prayers.
I was again astonished. Not only did God heal me, but gave me the power through Him to heal someone else. Instantly I remembered one of the declarations in my journal: I am a woman that has the power of healing when needed.

Later on, as I was writing this experience in my journal, I remembered months ago in college when I was in a mentorship program and my mentor asked me to pray and ask God what my prophetic labels were after reading Judges 6. I did and God told me that I was a conqueror, encourager, comforter and healer. I always ignored the “healing” one because I really didn’t believe that God would ever give me the power of healing, but I do now. On this trip, God has been teaching me to just trust in Him in all I do and to have more faith in Him.  Now, I have faith in healings and faith in the fact that He uses ME to heal others!
Luke 8:50 
Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, "Don't be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed."

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