The River Song

After coming back from the village I kept hearing God repeat one phrase to me: "I want your heart. All of it." I came to the realization that my heart has been divided for quite some time but God has been patient (a quality I most certainly lack and admire) and has been pursuing me until I was ready to finally let Him have it.
I am happy to report that this week I finally gave my heart to God. Completely. Since then I have been falling for Him. Hard. Head over Heels. Crazy in Love. The crazy thing is, He is loving me right back. And His love is far exceeding the capacity of my love for Him. One place He has been speaking His love to me is through the book Song of Songs. Let me say, I honestly never knew God was so…romantic. Or poetic. So as any woman in love, I have decided to reciprocate and attempt to express my love for Him in a poem. It is a poem describing my journey to accepting His love. Hopefully my thoughts will translate just as eloquently as His…

The River Song

There I stood at the shore, the river ran patiently,

I saw its beauty, I yearned for it,

But within I saw the current and was struck,

For how could I trust the river when I did not know where it would go?

The river appeared wild, its excitement allured me,

Its waves crashed against the rock, with forceful, yet gentle hands,

Its sounds rushed like sweet symphonies in my ear,

A dip could not hurt I supposed.

The river brushed along my feet and its warmth drew me in,

Slowly I crept in and my body was swept away.


Suddenly I sensed my control was lost,

I could no longer reach the shore,

Despite the tranquility of the river my soul was stirred,

I approached a rock and decided to grab hold.

Back on my own two feet I sighed relief,

I looked at the river surrounding me,

I desired to be free in its stream,

But my feet were firm on my own ground.


There I stood on the rock, the river ran patiently,

It invited me to return, it longed for me too,

But moss grew and began to cover my feet,

It held me captive.

The river moved alongside me yet I could not move,

So I became comfortable, me and my rock,

All the while I saw others enter the river, I even encouraged them to jump in,

The river and I though? We could not be.

I made up my mind that we could stay friends, beside one another,

But to experience the intimacy of its touch again?

No. I needed to remain on my rock.

Yes, there I was safe.


The river beckoned me time after time,

And the reply was always the same,

But I underestimated the river.

One afternoon the rain began,

The water droplets against my skin reminded me of the sweet sensation of the river,

And it felt…good.

Soon it became a downpour, my anxiety rose,

I knew it was time.


The river was rising and quickly took hold of me,

Submerged beneath the waters I opened my eyes,

What beauty, what mystery I did behold,

I arose to the surface and breathed in life,

The river had overwhelmed me with peace,

So I danced. I sang. I cried tears of joy.

There I was, no longer standing,

The river and I were one.


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