This Fruit Looks A Little Weird To Me

One night this past week was extremely hard for me. You see, we pray each night before we step foot on Bangla road and ask God where He wants us to go and such. Well Tuesday night, we had nothing. We had no concrete words from God of where to go. 

So as we are praying and walking down Bangla Road, we see a bar that has maybe 2 customers in it and a line of girls trying to make people come in. So we decided to go in and were completely ignored. There was no one else in the bar and girls behind the bar looked completely bored and those on the sidewalk hardly glanced our way. These girls wanted nothing to do with us. Then we decided to walk down on of the streets of bars and just prayer walk and see where God takes us. Once again, we see a bar completely empty and decide to sit down and talk with the girls. Oh these girls did not ignore us like at the last one, but at this one they barely spoke a word of English. From what we could tell the majority of them had just started working here (been there for about 3 to 5 days) and loved what they were doing. You see- they were still in the honeymoon phase of their new job. Then we decided to go down another street and talk with some girls who had nothing else better to do and once again got completely shut down. I am not going to lie, by the end of that night I was completely discouraged and wondering if we were hearing God's voice during any of this or just put Him out of the picture and tried to do it by ourselves.

And then the next day it hit me. I had been saying this was a good night or a bad night depending on what kind of fruit we saw from our interactions and conversations. And that was when God started to speak to me- how my version of success and His were completely different. So many times in my life judge whether something is fruitful based on what I see with my own eyes. If things go wrong or not the way I thought, I tend to throw it off as a failure and nothing could possibly come out of it. Bt God sees things completely different. Success is whatever He wants it to be and we may fail completely but it still be successful.

So last night God completely changed my idea of what fruit should look like. One of the girls in my group had this feeling to go to one of the bars on the main street on Bangla Road and so we went. Once sitting down, we are completely ignored once again J But right across the street from where we are sitting are two things: 1. A street of bars that is off limits for now and 2. A guy (who sometimes dresses up like a woman and who some of the other groups have started building a relationship with) was right across the street dancing on a pole. And we just knew that we were supposed to be interceding for those two things. But God has to take us to that bar and have us sit down to see what He wanted us to do.

When our own versions of success comes to mind, we very well could not see something right in front of our faces that God wants us to do or see. Sometimes we just need to try a different kind of fruit!

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