Humbled by Love

We made it to Cambodia after a nine hour bus ride, which I hardly slept on….long lines at the Bangkok airport, and a bumpy airplane ride…….we made it! We were told we would be working with an outreach called Remember Nhu, which is a girl's home in Cambodia. This home takes in girls that are at risk of being trafficked into the sex industry. They give them an education, and a stable home spiritually and emotionally. After our journey, I was feeling very tired and exhausted but when we pulled up to the house, all the girls came running out waiving and smiling at us. We got out and they started carrying in our bags which are heavy. And these were a bunch of little nine year olds, who weren't even as tall as our bags standing up. They were so excited to see us, that all my tiredness just left, and I was reminded again what I love deeply….and that's the joy that kids bring. We played the afternoon away, from learning different versions of paper, rock, scissors, to them showing us the chicken coupe. I have already grown a bond with these girls….simply because of their love for me without even knowing me. I don't understand how someone can have so much love for someone that they don't even know. This afternoon felt like what it would feel like if Christ was loving me. He accepts us where we are, stinky, tired, kinda grouchy….and shows us love that is so undeserving. These kids did the same….and I must say, that I was humbled today.  Humbled by love that looks like Christ, and it was shown by a child. How may times do we choose not to love in this way? We have been shown this love by the Creator Himself….and still we choose to love with shallow intentions. What would happen if Nations loved other Nations in this way? Of accepting without even knowing……what would happen to Universities if students loved other students in this way? Change would happen, minds would open, and we would start to look like the generation God has called us to be. Lets be humbled by love….and just see what happens…..

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