Dancing in the Rain

Today I danced in the rain and my audience was the King of Heaven. I was sitting at the table eating my always reliable rice that they feed us every day, when it started to pour outside. It was a peaceful rain and I was excited because I felt like it would cool off the 90 plus temperatures we are in everyday. I was trying to enjoy my rice when Shelley, one of my team members, jumped up and said, "Lets go out in the rain!" Now here I was trying to enjoy my meal and she wanted to get drenched by the rain. At first my reaction was, "Well….let me finish eating first"…….as if I wanted to finish. She looked at me and said, "You're gonna miss it, it will be gone soon." She reached for my arm, and I dropped my fork and ran for the door. We didn't even think about what would happen after….we just stepped out and went. It is hard to explain what happened out there, but I was dancing and singing for the King of Heaven. My audience was my Heavenly Father….and I didn't care what I looked like or who was watching. I probably looked like a fool to anybody else, but my King was front row and center. I don't really know how long we were out there, but I have never felt so close to the Holy Spirit, than in that rain. I felt His grace and freedom with every drop that fell on my face. We walked through the house trying not to drip on everything and I was hit with a reality that stung and it was this. How many times do we get to experience things that God intended for us? Sometimes we wait and say….oh I'll do it after I get done, or let me finish this first. When in reality God has so much He wants to give to you, but we settle for things like eating nasty rice. You don't want to miss God's presence, you don't want to wait for another rain, because this might be it. Don't worry about after, just go…get up….and dance before the King.

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