Molding me into… ME

What is pain mixed with bitterness? A big bag of wasted space. This past week that i have been in Thailand has been a complete renovation in the beginning stages. I have surrendered so much in just a week. But i guess the thing with the God of the Universe doesn't want you to just make room for Him, but to completely clear you out. SO all that is in you is all Him. Its hard to surrender defiantly when it's things you love, like being in control. But I know when i am able to finish this renovation that i will be completely changed and finally be the me that God designed me to be.           

Mold me, Lord, into the woman you desire, so I can be your vessel the way you purposed me to be.     

"And yet, O Lord, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You are the Potter. We all are formed by Your hand." – Isaiah 64:8


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