This is my “bucket” — Part 2

I have been waiting my entire life for that big, Hollywood movie moment to happen in my life. The kind of moment that sweeps you off your feet and makes you fall on your face because you are so overwhelmed with the goodness of God that you just can no longer stand. While the Lord does choose to work in those ways, it’s the small moments that make up the majority of our life that become those Hollywood movie moments. This is one of those moments.

Our team had just finished painting God’s vision for our trip on a canvas, a project that we were given to do with our team. Katie was still painting, Ricky was cleaning up, and the rest of us were just scattered around talking. And it’s moments like this that make absolutely no sense because they catch you so off guard. While I was having a conversation with Seth, I felt as if there was almost a time lapse, a moment when time just stood still, and all of a sudden our entire team was in a circle and Michael was speaking. I can honestly say I have no clue as to how everyone all came together, and I had just come in on part of the conversation. Maybe this is my lack of sleep talking, but I’m giving the credit to God. 
As I turned to face Michael, something in his voice caught my attention so completely I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. It was all I could do within me not to start laughing with Joy because his words set me free. “Sin has no authority in our lives any longer. Why are we all giving life to things that are so dead in our life? They are dead! Let them stay dead! Bury them! Crush them. Give them up. YOU now have authority in Jesus Christ. But you have to choose it. You have to choose in. Sin has lost it’s power in your life, death has lost it’s sting, and we no longer have to live that way. Stop thinking thoughts that give life to these destructive things. Take them captive and throw them out.” 
And those words made me want to leap up off of my “bucket” and never sit back down. Christ was speaking to me right in that moment through Michael saying, “Missy, this is your time now. NOW. And you need to move. So do it.” 
And minutes later I was reminded of some very wise words someone once told me years ago that I had never been able to truly walk in until this moment —
Walk forward. Claim your inheritance! Don’t stop walking until you believe that you are a daughter of the Most High King and take hold of ALL that He has for you. He will finish the good work in you that He has begun.

So the bucket has been kicked to the sidelines, and I am walking boldly and confidently into real life.

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