wait. i can hear from the Lord? say whaaaat?


noun, plural proph·e·cies.
the foretelling or prediction of what is to come.

Growing up, being a pastor’s kid, going to church every weekend and later attending Bible College, of course I knew what a prophet was & what they did. They were people in the bible who God spoke to & they conveyed that information to others. Usually, it was foretelling what would happen in the future. Through out these last few millenniums, many people would claim that they were able to predict the future, or what I would call a false prophet. I didn’t believe prophets existed today or that prophesy was something that people could do at all.
Which is why I was extremely confused when they told us at training camp that we would be prophesying. I thought, “WHAT? People can’t prophecy! We can’t tell the future!

They proceeded to tell us that it wasn’t necessarily telling what was going to happen in the future, but it is more hearing from the Lord on behalf of someone else. We put this into action by asking the Lord for a vision or for words, scripture, song lyrics, etc. that a certain person needs to hear and listening for the Lord to put those things on your heart. It is  listening to the Lord for encouragement. 

1 Corinthians 14:31
“For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged.”

So, we started this prophesying thing at training camp and it continued into some of our team times. For a long while, I believed I couldn’t hear from the Lord. Why WOULD He speak to me? I would see all my teammates hearing these crazy awesome things from God and I would become so discouraged because I thought He wasn’t speaking to me. And If I did feel like I got something, I doubted it because I didn’t understand why the God of the universe would possibly speak to someone like me.

That was, until this week.

A couple weeks ago, our leader, Kristen, gave us each a responsibility on the team. She gave me the job of encouragement. Just as these new jobs kicked off, she ended up having to go home due to family issues (read here). Before she left, she told me I was in charge of the first part of morning family time and to make it a time for encouragement. So as I was racking my brain for some ideas, a lady on staff here at SHE, challenged us to do some prophecy stuff everyday this week.

Prophesy = encouragement. Encouragement is my job.
Uhhhh…….so I have to lead my team in prophecy stuff?

Of course, the Lord was good and put lots of ideas in my mind for things we could do. And they turned out beautifully. Even though I still doubted that I could hear from the Lord, I decided to acknowledge the fact that maybe I COULD hear from Him. And let me tell you what happened this week.

I got visions for my dad with stuff happening in our church, a vision for Bangla road, a vision of angels on the mountains outside of our house singing a praising, I got words for my dad, words for friends at home and words for my teammates.

On Thursday, during our prophecy time, I was writing some stuff that I was sure the Lord was giving to me and I thought, “this is for Gloriel.” And when we drew numbers to see who got which card, guess who got it? Gloriel. On Friday, as we were writing, I thought, “this is for Autumn.” This time we prayed for which card was ours. Guess who got it? Autumn.

Holy Cow! God speaks to ME.
He gives ME words and visions for people?
Say what?!!

The Lord who formed the universe, who created everything on the planet, speaks to us. And if we listen for it, we can hear the voice of the Lord. Wow! Count me in!

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