When it rains, it pours.


          Brain cancer: the diagnosis that penetrated my heart three weeks ago.  I was aware my dad’s health was growing worse but I had no idea the results of his MRI would include a tumor in his brain.  I’ve talked to my parents every week since I’ve left home and my dad’s attitude has remained the same- it’s not a big deal I trust what God is doing.

            When the doctor’s opened his skull last Tuesday to remove the tumor, they found the cancer was spreading within his brain.  They did their best to get all the cancer on the outside of his brain, but the blood vessels were in the way of removing it completely.  I found all of this out during our midway debrief and it was time to make a decision- go home or stay in Thailand.

            My plan of course, was to endure the next two months and continue leading my sisters into more intimacy with God and more Kingdom in this place. This very second my heart and head are being pulled in two directs; I so badly desire to stay in Thailand to see what is to come but on the other hand I can’t bare to see my family hurting from so far away. I decided two days that it would be best for my heart, my family and this team if I head back to Minnesota.

            I trust as the Lord leads me home, He will provide a new ministry opportunity to be a part of.  I trust that He will provide the finances to cover the plane ticket I purchased and enough support to continue being a missionary even as I enter the states. 

           After all the rain storms we’ve endured as a team, whether it’s the crap that is going on at home or minor things like shoes and clothes going missing or feeling discouraged after a night on Bangla; we have faced everything as a team of sisters.  I know God intentionally placed me in Phuket to lead these six women for such a time as this and I’m so excited to see who He places here next and what she will bring to this team and this nation.

          As I was singing ‘You won’t relent’ by Jesus Culture this morning, one line in particular caught my attention  “There’s nothing I want more than You, Jesus.”  I had to check myself and confess that I want intimacy with Him more than I want my dad to be healed of cancer. I want sleepless nights laughing in the kitchen with Gloriel and Allison, I want jam sessions to Taylor Swift with my team, I want Pad Thai and fried bananas at any given moment, I want morning walks with Autumn to the dam but I want Kingdom to be brought down to earth more. 

         I want a deeper hunger and desire for Jesus to be the love of my life. Right now, that means going home, helping my family and processing. Praising God for financial provision, healing, growth and more of HIM.  "Bring the storm and reveal my faith, may the waters calm by Your unending love;" I think it's going to stop raining soon.


If you're interested in donating to the cost of my plane ticket back to America please leave a comment or email me at: kristen.hary@gmail.com   I have a pay pal account that accepts online donations as well as an account I can deposit checks into. 

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