Are you willing to obey?

Hmm, this week began interestingly – at least where bar ministry is concerned.  For the rest of the time I was left dealing with my stuffy nose and pestering cough…the joys of traveling internationally (at least for me).  Monday night taught me a lot about being willing to obey God, even when it doesn't make sense.

I will paint the picture: My team of 4 had prayed over where we felt called to go that night, and didn't really get any specific bar names.  Well, not to be dismayed we "dragged" some names out and decided to go there.  However, as Prov. 16:9 says, "We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps".  We made our plans and God determined where we should go…or not go.  

As we began to walk towards Bangla Rd, I stopped my team and told them we needed to stop and pray for awhile as I was feeling a very odd uneasiness in my spirit and couldn't figure out what it meant.  So we prayed and the feeling just wouldn't leave – until we decided to not go out that night but instead spend the evening interceding for the other teams and praying over each other and reading God's Word.  As soon as we decided that – I felt the peace of God.  It was hard – we had all left the house expecting to go out to the bars and meet more girls, we knew what we wanted to do, and we were ready (or so we thought).  It came down to being willing…willing to obey God…wiling to obey the call to stay back when everyone else was going forth.  But when we laid down our plans and conformed instead to His, we had such a blessed evening where God shone forth and where we were encouraged and uplifted in Christ.

Let me challenge you – even when the ministry seems so clear and obvious (in a way), be willing to radically change direction.  For me, it was a literal change of direction of walking away from Bangla Rd instead of towards it, it was laying down my desires, it was listening to the uneasiness in my soul and acting on it in prayer.  Remember, God desires obedience over sacrifice – obedience is so important, let us not be those who are so caught up in doing ministry that we lose sight of who we are doing ministry for – Jesus!  And when God asks you to step back and away – be willing.  Be willing, be willing, be willing, for I can tell you that when He asks something of you, it is only to draw you closer to Him and change you more into His image and character.  

Thanks for all your prayers – I know that all of them are what encouraged my team to listen to God and lay down our time and humble ourselves to sit instead of walk down that road.  Praying you are all blessed this week!

In Jesus' love,

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