Freedom! for all

Never in my life have i ever expected to find myself in a little ole place called Chattanooga. As far as I was concerned that was the name of some obsucre fowl species. 

Turns out Chattanooga, and specifiaclly the campsite where we are located, is a place full of southern class and variety. I have never encountered such a diverse group of arachnids or insects in my life. 

However, I also could not imagine a better way to begin a sumer full of service. The emphasis in finding purpose seeking freedom, encountering Jesus is absolutely mind-blowing.

It's safe to say Jesus is alive and at work in the hearts of the 190 missionaies with AIM Before committing 7 full weeks of unitnterrupted devotion to servanthood, evangelism faith and unceasing prayer, one has to have a free soul. A new heart. 

This is what it takes to free others from ondage. To liberate women from lies, to share the goodness and grace of the LORD.

The prisons we may have put ourselves in are obliterated wholly and completely y the king. And we no longer have any fear. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Amen to that.


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