Freestyle canoeing

Hey hey hey!

So after a glorious (not really) 56ish hours of travel, I arrived in the Atlanta airport! Yay! Then I waited for 4 hours. Then all my team peeps got there as well, and we had some lovely circle time, sitting on the airport floor. Highlight of day one: Austen brought us coloring books for on the flights over to Thailand.

Day two: it is freezing. So I came from Wisconsin, ok. Georgia, should be warm, right? WRONG. So cold. But anyway, we are at a camp somewhere in the mountains/ hills of georgia, at training camp! Highlight of day two: superfun morning time. Yes, we did a Let's move video, like the whole Mrs. Obama's let's be active campeign (sp?). It was good.

Day three: That would be Sunday. For superfun morning time, we did freestyle canoeing. Inside. With imagionary paddles. Yes. Highlight of day three: cultural debrief and starting our gorgious canvas. I shall post a picture when we finish. And I have internet. Yeah.

Day Four: THat would be today. For superfun morning time, we did chair geriatric stretches and hand-on-table-dancing. Ahmazing. Highlight so far: Team Thailand winning the competion thingy and the bucket of candy. You betta believe it. Oh yeah, by the way, there are eight of us and like 30 on all the other teams. We will rock your socks. So yeah, now we are practicing blogging and stuff, then we shall finish our canvas. We head to the airport tomorrow. Then… THAILAND. yeah.

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