Honey Bird

I was so excited to get to the market so i could buy some Honey. For some reason putting honey on my cereal and peanut butter sandwich is so comforting! After a few hours of being home it was completely infested with ants… Thanks to the ants my day was slightly ruined. However that is not the end to this story!
One of the girls i am here with was struggling with some issues at 1:30 A.M. and two of us went up to comfort her and pray. As we prayed we said, "Lord please take the evil out of this house! Let only your love fill this place," and after we prayed that a black bird flew out of thin air from the kitchen right between us and straight out the window! MAN! WE WERE FREAKING OUT! We knew that the dark bird was something that God kicked out, we felt a chilling presence embrace us each and we felt totally at peace.
So, totally joking around, i said, "if God took out all the evil He better have taken those ants out of my honey!"
I ran to the kitchen and opened my honey and it was PERFECT! There was no ant to be found at all. An hour before it was overwelmed by ants but now… Pure honey! You can not even imagine my reaction or my face, i started balling my eyes out and jumping around. I was in shock, it seems so simple like its just honey but wow was i blown away. One of my team mates, not naming any names **CoughCough AUSTEN** actually took her pants off to dance around for the Lord like David did in the bible!
After this all happened Jesus consumed my thoughts and He just amazed me in many ways but just the simple removal of ants… It hasnt left my mind! Thank you father.

As we finally crawled into bed around 3 in the morning I had a vision God planted in my mind. We have a long foggy window that stretched across the whole top part of one of our walls in our room and light shines through it. Jesus showed me a bright bright light going back and forth, over and over. When i asked Him what it was he told me that he has His biggest, toughest, meanest angel keeping guard over us as we rest. He said he has a ten pack, lots of amor, and a giant sword! My heart was overwelmed.

A song that just keeps playing in my head is a song i learned from my beautiful three year old sister, Memphis-

"My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty!
Theres nothing my God cannot do."

Thank you sis for teaching me this song. What comforting words they have been for me.

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