Not entitled to our own opinion

Today’s the last day at training camp and we’re all excited to be on the field soon. I just showered so I feel good now, but the reality is that we’ll be pretty nasty over there with limited clothes and limited showers. In fact, even here the same shirt did time ministering to the homeless of Atlanta, painting a team canvas and being consecutively spat at by welcoming locals of “whoever-we-may-encounter” tribe in a ‘culture shock’ simulation we did today. The truth is that I no longer have the right to be clean and I’m often not entitled to a fresh shirt. I, and my teammates, are realizing what it means to be slaves of Christ in a new way. We’ve been sent to serve the Thai people and the reality is we’re not entitled to comfortable or to be full after each meal. In fact, we have no right to our own opinion or to be insecure about ourselves or our ability to tell people about Christ.
Our opinion and our insecurity acts just as selfishness does, it focuses first on our needs and our faults. We’ve died to that and will be putting Jesus first, others second and yourselves last because we find much joy and fulfillment in this.

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