interceding…say what?!

A few years ago I started to hear the word ‘interceding’ a lot, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was.  After a little while I decided that this intercession stuff was powerful and I wanted in, so I started asking about it. 
What I found is this: intercession is when you pray for someone else and ask Holy Spirit to come in on their behalf

Thankfully I asked what it was because intercession really is powerful and it is essential for fruitful ministry. Without intercession, our ministry here in Thailand would not be near as effective as it is.  PRAYER IS POWERFUL, I can’t say it enough!
Like I said, intercession plays a huge role in our ministry here.  Every night that we have women going out to minister on Bangla road, we have the other half staying back at the house to intercede.  I was excited when I heard about all the interceding that we would be doing in Thailand, but I never expected to love it as much as I do.

On my first night of intercession I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I sat down in our worship room with two teammates, Gloriel and Jalin, and we just began to pray and ATL (ask the Lord).  We asked Him to come into that room and fill us up with Him so that we could effectively intercede for our girls who were out ministering.

intercession board

Right away our minds filled up with ideas of how to creatively pray.  We had moments of silent prayer, times where we just sang, and for part of the time we prayed for each girl individually.  We asked for specific words to describe their night of ministry and words specific for each girl; then we prophesied as God gave us words.
It was an amazing night full of intimacy with the Lord and becoming more and more aware of what His voice sounds like.  It was also so cool to see how our group bonded and grew closer together as we got excited about the Lord speaking to all of us.
We were even more excited when the other girls got home and told us how they had felt us praying for them.  Not only that, but the things that God put on our hearts to pray were the exact things that the girls out ministering needed prayer for.  It is amazing how God works.
I never knew that the Lord could speak to me so specifically and powerfully, but I do now! 

I really encourage you all to ask the Lord to open your ears to hear His voice.  He is speaking to you, but do you know His voice?  So often we think that our prayers go unanswered, but usually we just don’t like the answer or we haven’t learned to hear God’s voice.
GOD WANTS YOU TO HEAR FROM HIM.  Ask Him to help you to know His voice and to listen to it even if you don’t like what you hear.

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