As you know, doing bar ministry on Bangla road is the biggest chunk of our ministry here. Therefore, our team of 7 is split into 2 groups that go to Bangla every other night with the exception of Wednesday nights which we have off. The nights that we don’t go Bangla we stay back and pray and intercede for the team that is on Bangla.

My team is Autumn, Radha and myself.

The other night as were back praying for Kristen, Allison, Jalin and Gloriel, I was asking the Lord to speak to me.

Almost immediately, I was reminded of Passion conference in Atlanta this past January. On the first full day of the conference, Beth Moore spoke on the passage in Luke 8 in which Jesus is on his way to heal Jairus’ sick daughter and on the way, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years touched the hem of his garment in hope that it would heal her. Jesus felt her touch, even in the crowd of people, and told her that her faith made her well.

You see, not only did she have this issue of bleeding, the bleeding made her ceremonially unclean. Had she been married at the time the bleeding started, it would have been grounds for divorce.

And if she went in public and so much as touched someone, they also would have been made unclean.

As Beth Moore was speaking on this, she made the amazing point that this ceremonially unclean woman was NOT so unclean that she made Jesus unclean. He remained Holy.
As God reminded me of this sermon, I could hear Him telling me, “No matter how unclean Bangla is, No matter how much drunkenness, lust and selfish desires fill those streets, I am still Holy. My presence is there and the filth does not mess me up!”

Jesus is still Holy, even on Bangla road.
Jesus has already defeated the darkness that has a strong hold there.
Jesus’ presence is on Bangla & He is using our team to shine His light there. 

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