Let There Be Light

Changes are beginning on Bangla Road. We're starting to see rays of light seep into the place that is engulfed in darkness.
We noticed the changes as we walked through the streets and people recognized us and knew us because of Christ in us. Tourists asked us how our night had been going and told us what great things we were doing. Ping Pong men (trying to get you to come see the strip club) smiled as we walked by and saved us the aggressive assault because they already knew our answer. But most importantly,  the women were so happy to see us.
We have this idea and prayer that when we walked down the streets, women would call to us from every direction because they long for what we have to offer, even if they have yet to know what that is. And it's beginning to happen!
Women we know well are opening up and telling us real things about real life and telling us how they feel about this life they are living. Women we are acquainted with want to go to lunch and know more. Women we don't know stare from the next bar over at the loving way our Thai friends embrace us. And it's all about light. We get to shine light. It's what draws people to us because Jesus is irresistible.
Where I stand in ministry and prayers for our time here can be summed up in one story. We were walking down Soi Tiger past a bar we knew and were just doing a quick hello. We were walking away and I heard someone calling to me from on the bar. I looked up and hadn't noticed my friend that had been dancing that night. She got on her hands and knees on the bar and was holding my face and was so excited we were there. It was beautiful and she kept holding on to me. Our moment was interrupted, however, when the bar mom yelled at her and told her to start dancing again. She reluctantly let go and returned to work.
This is such a picture to me of the struggle this ministry poses. The women in the bars are drawn to the light in us. They want to know more and they want whatever is different about it. But they are stuck and seem to be unable to let go. It comes down to money, really. And I can't offer them riches- or riches in the way they know. So I am here praying that all of our friends will grasp real riches, that they will be able to make lasting changes that won't allow the light to dim in a month when we leave. So pray for lasting changes. Pray that the Lord will clear bars and steal hearts.
Sorry, gotta go. I have more barbed wire fences to build. No lie. Me and Bre are kinda good at it. I'm getting an arm tat to prove it.
Also, if you get a chance, check out Kelsey's blog. It's an awesome picture of other things God is doing on our team.

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