life is coming alive…


Thailand is an incredible place. I love it here, I love the people, the food, but most of all I love that God has a plan for these people and he chose my team and I too help fulfill it. I’m amazed on how the red light district made me hear God more than ever. As we walked up the streets and looked at the women and the lady boys sitting at the bar getting themselves ready for what the night had to offer I felt the complete sense of hopelessness within them. They looked at us like this is it, this is my life.

While looking around I saw many many many american men. One of which had 3 thai girls pulling at him and flirting with him. I made eye contact with this man for seconds and when our eyes met I did not see a man I saw nothing, he looked at me like I need this, I need love, but i’m ashamed. 
Jesus spoke to me in amazing ways that night. I felt pure suffocation in the air, I felt like I couldn’t possibly be called to reach these hopeless women and men. God spoke very clearly and said to me, “kristina, there is so much to be done here, don’t listen to the lies, and be my hands. You are not stuck, share my love.” So every time I thought that this life God is calling me to is to unrealistic he shakes me to the reality he has called me too. PRAISE GOD! HE REIGNS! What was incredible was when I finally got over the lies, I got to share the love of Jesus to the buddhist woman. The conversation was hard do to the language barrier but I have hope that God put joy and love in her heart. 
This is not my life, finally I have realized this is God’s… So i have come to the conclusion to hand it over to him and let him do his will. 
One thing you all could pray for is to keep my focus on hearing God’s plan and dropping my own. THANK YOU!

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