New Found Disorder.

My last few blogs (especially the most recent one) have been very serious so today I thought I would make everyone laugh! Before I get started on the hilarious story I would like you all to know that God is wonderful and powerful and FAITHFUL. I was really struggling with faith but Jesus restored my faith this week and I feel like He made it even stronger. By the way Noi is no longer going to Hong Kong. Praise God.

Ok now time to laugh. I have a serious disorder. It seems that anytime a male walks up to me to talk I some how transform from this friendly Mrriah into a creepy and stand-off Mrriah. Here are three terribly awful stories to give you a glimpse into my life. The stories get better as you read… trust me!

-Saraw and I went to the beach a few weekends ago and met two PROFESSIONAL SWEEDISH BOXERS who wanted to talk to us…. for a while. Saraw is adorable and can flirt with a rock so talking to them was cute and easy for her, every subject from politics, prostitution, Islaam, USA, and food she knew just the right way to talk and act. Me on the other hand…I sat there and literally every two minutes I would yell something along the lines of praise God, Hallelujah, Jesus is King, ect. They would ask me a simple question, such as "whats Kansas like?" and without answering I would yell, "God is good." WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? I dont know why it was impossible to talk to them like a normal person, but it was. They thought I was a freak.

-Sharon and I were making our way to the truck after ministry one night and we were talking to eachother when all of a sudden beside us there is two quite attractive Australian men. They say, "good-day" to us as we walk by and Sharon looks down not making eye contact, repeats exactly what they say and she picks up pace and runs from them (she has a problem too). A moment later it came time for me to walk past them and i dont know why, but I instantly started talking in some made up gibberish language. I couldnt look at them or say hi or ANYTHING, all i could do was say "tyavabashion loagybon kitarinion." We then giggled and talked about their muscles all the way home.

-On Bangla Road a few nights ago a man stopped me and Amber… at first I didnt see him then I turned around and seriously lost my breath. If the Barbie makers modeled Ken after a real person it had to be someone in this guys family. Every part of his face was perfect and his hair was the perfect color and swoosh, even his smile was amazing! Amber asked what his name is, and he said Christopher, her being just as in awe as I was, repeated his name back to him but pronounced it Kris-toph (she even said it was an accent like she was foriegn) and he just said "er" to finish it. It was hilarious. Christopher or "Ken" asked us where in the United States we were from and she said she was from Indiana then they both just stood there looking at me waiting for me to answer… But when I was unable to look at him, let alone speak, she had to answer for me! I just stood there looking anywhere but toward him, kinda freaking out and rocking back and forth. It was time to leave so we said it was nice to meet you, maybe we will see you around and he said, "I hope so." It was ridiculous we walked away talking out about his nearness to physical perfection and got to share his beauty with the rest of our team. I actually cried when talking about the experience. I didnt know God could create such flawlessness in one human.

So basically I am incapable of talking to guys. Im ok with this disorder for now but hopefully when marrying age rolls around I will have learned a thing or two.

 <<That is what he looked like. Seriously.

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