Sledge Hammer


My team has experienced 26 hours on planes, 16 hours of lay overs, and a 12 hour bus ride to reach our destination, Phuket Thailand. Its crazy to think that we left Tuesday morning at 6 AM and didn't make it to Thailand till 6 AM Friday morning! Losing a complete day, and getting barely any rest from traveling, I'm proud to say that my team did very well! With very little complaints and having almost no troubles was completely a blessing from God. How we did that is beyond me.

I am still trying to process the fact that God provided for me to come here. Just a week ago I was still having to raise $1,500 and somehow it all pulled though. I have no words to express the gratitude I feel towards the people who selflessly donated their money to this trip and truly showed Gods grace and love through people I never expected. I am so blessed. Every time I look out of my window of my new home I am in awe of how beautiful Thailand is, and I'm so excited to show pictures to my supporters of where their light is being shined.

In training camp I had someone come up to me and confess something that the Lord put on her heart for me. She said, “I'm not sure why the Lord gave me this word, or what It may mean but He wanted me to tell you the word, Sledge Hammer.” You'd think that I would be confused or somewhat baffled by what she said, but God knew right away that I would know. Back at home I wasn't living my life the way God intended me too. Nor was I trying. I had such bitterness, anger, and regret bottled up within me that I wasn't able to love myself or others around me. Some people need God to slowly chisel away their fears and insecurities but God knew that I needed a sledge hammer. He knew that I needed to be hit so hard with his compassion and his love that I would fall to my knees in awe of his mercy. He blew away my fears, my insecurities, and my longing for worldly desires. How lucky are we to have a God that see's every flaw and still pick us up off the oceans floor calling us His children, declaring our beauty. I can not wait to learn more about this beautiful country and fall in love with the people in it. This is going to be most impactful four months of my life and I cant wait to watch it unfold.

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