I couldn't resist.

In the way I can't resist always magically having room for ice cream, or having just one more chip of endless chips+salsa (which I would do anything for right about now….)

 It was a matinee showing of Titanic…in 3D no less, in Thailand, and with someone who had never seen it before. Let's just say I felt like the king of the world, if you know what I mean.

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Something about being in that movie theater, seeing that movie, at that time made me think, as I constantly try to remind myself, that no one gets to live the life I get to live… seriously. I don't know if it's because at the beginning of a movie in Thailand the entire room stands to watch a video honoring the king–cue chiggles(church giggles), where you know you shouldn't be laughing, or if it's the Thai subtitles under Rose's "I'll never let go," (right before she let's go)… but I was reminded that I'm so blessed to get to live the life I do.

I get to attend an Easter service at a Thai church on the beach right next to Bangla Road- a beautiful picture of light in darkness.

I get to be a part of fighting for faith here with a group of killer women and seeing the power of belief-our friend that was sold to Hong Kong is no longer going. We get to see her this week again, and we're believing that God brought her back to ultimately bring her out of the bar she works at.

I get to be a part of Thailand's New Year's Celebration, where they party with a water festival called Song Kran– coolest water fight I've ever seen- a nation wide water gun fest where we literally drove around in a truck with trash cans of water drenching everyone in sight.

I get to be a part of what God cares about. I get to basically have a slumber party every night with seven girls who have become great friends, great servants, great encouragers, and great examples of walking by faith and not by sight. I get to sweat more than I ever have in my entire life on the land where we're helping build a coffee shop that will be there long after we're gone. I get to actually pray big prayers, actually believe they'll happen, and actually see them come true. I get to drink Thai tea every day for less than 50 cents a pop. I get to build relationships with bar girls that will be continued and will give them a way out of what they think they're trapped in.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I'm ending with a quote from Jack Dawson himself… even if you don't practice the Rose toe stand like I do, I know you still get warm fuzzies after watching Titanic for the millionth time, or at least hearing Celine's "My Heart Will Go On."

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you…to make each day count."

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