“What is it hurting?”

Walking into the bars is hard enough,
Having to sit down is horrible.
Paying for a girls time with a overpriced cocktail feels wrong.
Pretending to enjoy myself, laughing, singing, and smiling is almost impossible.

I don’t want to be here…

I would rather be anywhere but this place sipping on a Coke and pretending to enjoy watching these girls dance on our table.

But then is happens, I see HER.

I start to talk to HER.

SHE is looking at me. SHE is staring at me.
SHE is telling me her story. SHE says where SHE is from, how long SHE has worked here and about her family.
SHE tells me I’m beautiful with my white skin and blonde hair.
I tell HER that she is gorgeous and she looks away, I can see in her eyes that she is told this daily by many customers but she can’t see it.

SHE doesn’t know.

Her manager comes over to make sure we are still paying customers, and urges her to drink more, dance more and laugh more…
For a moment you feel how the Savior feels when sin and darkness takes over our lives.
It is enough to make you scream, leave her alone! She is mine! I want her!

As the night goes on our only hope is to build a relationship with HER.
We sing and make jokes to show HER. That all we want is who SHE is, not what SHE can do.

Soon the manager comes back and tells her that there are other customers waiting.

Customers willing to pay for whatever they want.

As SHE starts to leave we looks at each other. Her face breaks me, SHE is a mother, a daughter. SHE is smart and beautiful. SHE is the Saviors child.
We exchange facebook information, take selfies, then SHE leaves. I pay and all of the sudden I don’t mind this place, the music, the drunk men, the manager, or anything about this place of hell I walked into.

All that matters is HER
SHE is all I care about.

When I walk out I feel sick, I can’t make it back to the house before I fall to the ground in anguish.
I cry out to God and plead with Him. I beg Him to save or take away this burden.
That place. Soi Cowboy, famous bar of Bangkok is satans playground.

70 percent of single white male tourist come here for the strip clubs, prostitution, bars, and brothels.
As we walked the red light district the men called out to us to join them, “It’s harmless fun” they say, “what is it hurting?”

It is hurting HER.

SHE is in pain.

The Savior has called me to Bangkok for HER.
He is working through us for HER.
He is using this team for HER.
SHE is His child.
SHE is the reason He died.
SHE is loved.

Through His redeeming love I have had the opportunity to see so many woman who have had the courage and stability to walk away from the life as a sex worker and start a new one at Samaritan Creations.

Pray for “HER”
Pray that we stay focused on God mission.
Pray for all the brave woman who God HAS saved,
and all the others He is SAVING now!

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