490 Baht Buzzer.

I wish I had the proper words to convey all the feelings and emotions I’ve experienced since I left home one week ago, but I really don’t so I’ll just give you a snippet of my experience so far.

Training week seems like a lifetime ago. God healed my heart in ways I didn’t even know were broken. Two words that changed everything for me: BE FREE. My sweet Father in Heaven used my team, my beautiful leaders and His word to open my eyes to the lies I had been believing and even telling myself. In the course of training camp, God reminded me of His true, affirming, and honest love for me. He reminded me that every single person on this earth is made in a piece of His image. We are each beautiful because we each look like Him in some amazingly unique way. I am a part of His puzzle that He cannot find anywhere else. He needs me and He needs you. Be a part of this adventure with Him. Walk into the unique way He wants to use YOU. Be the missing piece of the puzzle and be free knowing that the relationship with God established through Jesus Christ allows us to live in FREEDOM as who we are.

Such is the inspiring truth that has already changed my life.

After training camp, we spent about 62 hours in transit and finally at 6 am arrived in Chiang Mai. I do not have too much to say about Thailand yet, except that the people are so sweet…and fearless. Seriously the way they drive those moped-type vehicles through mazes of cars blows my mind. It seems that these people have quite the adventurous spirit and I cannot wait to be immersed in this culture for the summer!

Finally, the title explanation. The Baht is the Thai currency (30 Baht are about equivalent to one dollar). You may also be asking what a “buzzer” is… so was I. I just call it an electric razor, but apparently in Minnesota where my teammate Kylee is from, it’s a buzzer. Yesterday Kylee and I decided to truly immerse ourself in freedom and adventure by shaving the side of our heads. Seems crazy, but I am so glad we did it. I realized for the first time tonight how much I really do love and trust every single one of these girls on my team. We have known each other a week, but I had no second thoughts about letting them go at my head with a 490 Baht Buzzer. I love this team and I cannot wait to see how the Holy Spirit uses each and every one of us in our unique way as His partners in loving the people of Thailand.

P.s. we both look super “edgy.”

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