Mae Sai

Mae Sai

This town is near the
Thai-Burmese border.  We didn’t see much of it except the bridge that
leads to Burma and the Drop-In Center where we worked for the week.  

There are the most amazing kids that live in between Burma and Thailand.  They go back and forth between the border begging for money.  Their parents, for the most part, are on drugs and don’t take care of them.  

We spent our days in the Drop In Center
We hung out with these street kids asthey filtered in and out of the
center.  We hung out with them, laughed with them, painted with them,
colored with them, and just generally had a good time.  We really fell
in love with them.  

I fell particularly in love with Ar Nah
This kid is amazing!!  The first day he came, he ran right in the door,
came to me, and sat in my lap.  I loved his smile.  He has so much
joy.  We painted a picture together and then he left.  He came in and
out a few times.  We had to go out and get our dinner every night and I
would always keep my eyes peeled for him.  It made my night if I saw him
and saw his amazing smile.  

His mom comes to the Drop In Center just to see him.  She goes back and forth between the Thailand and Burma every night.  She sleeps in a huge warehouse with a ton of other people.  I’m pretty sure that she is on drugs. I spent a good amount of time just sitting with her.  

Her son stays on the Thai
side and sleeps wherever he can.  The leader of the Drop In Center said
that she has seen him sleeping in front of 7-11 or in front of the bank.  He just sleeps wherever he can.  

He really captured my heart and I will really miss seeing his amazing face every day!!  


People ask me how I fight human trafficking.  

Right now, I’m fighting it by going to the places where kids need love and loving them.  

Fighting human trafficking does not always look like rescuing slaves and getting prostitutes out of their trade. 

Sometimes….it is just loving on a little boy named Ar Nah.  

For the next three weeks, my team and I are serving at a children’s home called Remember Nhu
We are living with girls who are at this home because they are at risk
for being sold.  What we are doing reaches so much further than I can
even imagine.  

Pray for us as we serve these girls.  Pray that we love out of God’s love and not our own!! 

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