Butterflies and Spit

When you’re kneeling with your face to the asphalt, staring at someone’s spit under your nose, and crying out to God- it’s hard not to question your sanity.  Mrriah and I created quite the scene on our prayer walk yesterday.  After wandering down each Soi adjacent to Bangla Road speaking our prayers into space, we both felt discouraged by the demonic idols that seemed to have procreated over night.  As we sat wordless and empty inside a bar at the end of Bangla, Mrriah got on her knees, and I followed.  We prayed that God would forgive our unbelief and proclaimed that at the name of Jesus every knee in Heaven, on Earth, and under the earth must bow, and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father –Philippians 2.  Compelled by the Spirit, we retraced our tracks down each Soi, knelt down on the pavement, crying out the name of Jesus Christ- declaring the sovereignty of His Kingdom.  We literally knelt in front of the mouth of Satan at “Diablo A-Go-Go Bar,” and begged the Spirit for a miracle.
Quick personal side note:
            When God created the butterfly, I believe that He designed one of nature’s greatest metaphors.  Apart from God, I am Eric Carl’s very hungry caterpillar- inching along consuming foliage, but God intends to give me wings.  He means for me to drink from the most beautiful flowers and soar with delicate wings on the breath of His wind.  Every time I see a butterfly, it’s as if Jesus is reminding me of our wedding day, and I fall in love… again.  It may seem cliché, but my teammates are aware of this slight obsession, and we rejoice every time the Spirit sends us a small promise.
            Last night when we returned to Bangla Road for bar ministry, butterflies occupied every bar that we visited.  At the first bar, four of the bar girls possessed butterfly tattoos.  On Soi Sea Dragon, Mrriah’s friend, Guv, was sporting shorts with a large sequined butterfly across the back.  At Noi’s bar, butterfly curios dangled from the ceiling.  My teammates and I praised the Spirit for sealing Bangla Road with His promises- over and over and over again.

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